pottery ceramics

Pottery by Phyllis Spiegel

c 2021 Phyllis Spiegel  


I was never formally trained in the arts or crafts but always had a deep appreciation for beautiful hand crafted objects, especially ceramics. When given the opportunity to work with clay, it became an all-consuming part of my life.

I educated myself in this medium by going to museums and galleries to look at pots. I read lots of books and magazines related to clay. I enrolled in many classes and workshops where I learned from master potters. They helped not only to improve my working skills but also to change the way I was able to look at a vessel.

The more I keep working the more I keep learning and this is what holds my passion for clay. There is always a new idea or a new technique to make my pots better then the last firing.

Terra Sigillata is a special technique that I use to provide a diverse color palate in my work. This process has proven to enhance the surfaces that I use on many of the pieces that you will see on this site.